Sunday, September 7, 2014

Insults…the good old days

Sadly, we don’t do insults any more in the high style of our Revolutionary forebears.

Time was when an insult went deep because the language was compelling, thoughtfully articulate and precisely erudite.

No F-bombs, no mindless political catch-phrases, no wearily crude sexual innuendos….

For instance, try this one for size:
“You vile, beslobbering rapscallion!”

Now that’s an all-in, I-dare-you-to-draw-your-pistol kind of insult, like as not your ancestor who marched with Washington against the British could have smacked down any lobster-back grenadier on any battlefield with this kind of bold talk and a trusty musket to back up the palaver….

Try it in the privacy of your own home.

When you feel comfortable, go ahead and use it at the office or at a party, see how it works out for you.

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